Applicant Background Checks
American DataBank

Electronic Drug Screen Information

  1. Order your drug screen online as directed by your Program Coordinator.
  2. After you have submitted your order, please access your email account that you provided with your order to obtain the Electronic Authorization Form and drug screen collection site location that you selected.

    Please be sure to check your SPAM and JUNK MAIL Folders. If you have not received your Electronic Authorization Form within a few hours of placing your online order please call American DataBank at 1-800-200-0853.
  3. Your Registration ID will expire 30 calendar days after your order was submitted.
  4. You MUST complete your drug screening within 30 days of ordering. If you do not get your drug screening done within 30 days, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO ORDER AND PAY FOR A NEW DRUG SCREENING.
  5. Your results will be reported directly to American DataBank within one to three business days of your drug testing. These results will be sent electronically to you and your school.

Additional Information

  • It is recommended to NOT drink more than 8oz (a "glass") of fluid in the 2 hours before giving a urine sample. An abundance of fluid in the body will result in a "dilute" reading, which constitutes a "flagged" result.
  • At the facility, if you are not able produce a urine sample when requested, call ADB at 1-800-200-0853 on how to proceed. The lab will run extensive tests to verify if the drug screen is negative/positive/dilute.

    For Negative Results - a fax is sent from LabCorp to American DataBank to input the results.
    For Dilute Results - please contact your institution on how to proceed. You may be prompt to re-order the Drug Screen package and re-collect.
    For Positive Results - the results are forwarded to the Medical Review Officer. The Medical Review Officer will contact you for verification of any prescription drug you may be taking to show a false positive. After discussion, the Medical Review Office will send a fax to American DataBank to input the results and close the order. If the order is positive the Medical Review Office will list the drug that is positive.